Official Mark 'Rhino' Smith


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Zootopia/Disney Voice Dir: ByronHoward/RichMoore
Security Supporting Dir: Alain Desrochers
Creed Supporting Dir: Ryan Coogler
Criminal Supporting Dir: Ariel Vromen
No Good Deed Supporting Dir: Sam Miller
The Hungover Games Supporting Dir: Josh Stolberg
Frozen Ground Supporting Dir: Scott Walker
Argo Supporting Dir: Ben Affleck
Pirates of the Caribbean 4 Supporting Disney/Rob Marshall
Batman Begins Supporting WB/Christopher Nolan
Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Supporting Disney/Garth Jennings
Rollin’ With The Nines Supporting Dir: Julian Gilby

NCIS LA Guest Star

Dir: Chirs O’Donnell

Criminal Minds Guest Star

Dir: Tawnia McKiernan

The Last Ship Recurring Guest star

TNT/Sky-Jack Bender

Robin Hood (Recurring) Guest Lead

BBC/David Evans, dir.

Synchronicity (Recurring) Guest Lead BBC/Brian Grant, dir.
Renford Rejects (Recurring) Guest Lead Nickelodeon/Barry Stone, dir.
Trial and Retribution Guest Star ITV/Tristan Powell, dir.
EastEnders Guest Star BBC/David Kester, dir.
Hustle Guest Star

BBC/Alrick Riley, dir.

Gladiators (6 Years) Series Regular LWT/Nigel Lythgoe, dir.

The Great White Hope Jack Johnson The Castle, Farnham
Fences Bono Howard Fine Studios, La
Aladdin Genie Theatre Royal, Drury Lane
Robinson Crusoe Man Friday Connaught, Worthing
Cinderella King’s Musketeer Theatre Royal, Chatham

Acting: Howard Fine, John Kirby and Pinewood Acting Studios
Dialects: Jamaican, Nigerian, Cockney, British, American

British Heavy Weight Body Building Champion, Boxing, All Horseback Riding, Kickboxing, Yoga, Swimming, Basketball, Soccer

Additional: Fight Scene Choreography, Body Popping, Rapper (Lyricist)