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Mark Rhino Smith was born in London. He has a hugely colorful heritage - Jamaican, Cherokee Indian, Ghanaian, White and Chinese. This mix along with his green eyes has given him a very a distinctive look.
He first catapulted onto our screens as Rhino in the massive ITV series, Gladiators where he reigned for five years. He is the only Gladiator in the world to come to the show with his own existing nickname.


Mark recently guest starred on TNT and SKY 1, THE LAST SHIP created by Michele Bay and can be seen in the movie CREED which was released November 2015, having just rapped on NCIS LA and is currently filming CRIMINAL MINDS, which airs April 2016. Look out for CRIMINAL released in April 2016 also staring Kevin Costner, Gary Oldman and Ryan Reynolds.


Huge news, Mark is the voice of officer Officer McHorn in Walt Disney’s latest Block buster ZOOTOPIA. Known as ZOOTROPOLIS in the UK where it is set for release on March 25th.  Believe it or not his character is the RHINO!


Mark ;-)

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