Official Mark 'Rhino' Smith


Rhino the Gladiator!

Mark first became interested in 'Gladiators' when he was watching a late night showing of the 'American Gladiators' show. He was attracted by the competitiveness between the Contenders and the Gladiators.

Rhino was regularly encouraged to apply by his family and friends due to his impressive fitness background and bodybuilding credentials. Having already come to the attentions of the programme makers he was invited to audition, and in 1995 he officially became Rhino the Gladiator. He is the only Gladiator to come to the show with his own name!

Mark had not realised how popular the show was until after his first screening. He was overwhelmed by the support he had. With his signature tune, 'This Is How We Do It' by Montel Jordan blasting out across the arena, his amazing 52" chest and distinctive green eyes, he very quickly became one of the most popular Gladiators with the TV viewers, and a fan club was created to help with regular fan mail.

Whilst working on the show Rhino made many good friends and enjoyed the relationship he had with both Nigel Lythgoe and Kenny Warwick who both affectionately called him 'Beefy' as did many others.

Rhino ready for Gauntlet

His great energy and excitement whilst playing the games was obvious to everyone watching.  He broke numerous records on his favorite game, Gauntlet, holding a contender for 29 of the 30 second game and he still remains undefeated on Suspension Bridge.

During his six year reign on the show, he travelled all over the world to Mauritius, South Africa and Australia to compete. Once the show had finished in the UK, Rhino was invited with an elite few from the British Team to take on the South African Glads for two more years, beating them both times!

Rhino in the Springbok Challenge filmed in South Africa

Rhino has kept a few momentos from the show and still loves to relive his amazing time whilst on the show.  He always remembers the great support he had from all his fans, as without them Gladiators would not have been such a success.

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