Official Mark 'Rhino' Smith


Rhino Muscle!

Mark began bodybuilding when he was 17, quickly earning the nickname 'Rhino'. His dedication and hard work soon brought many rewards. Within 6 months of training he had become the Under 18's Junior British Bodybuilding Champion.

Rhino's determination grew and he went on to win other titles including, London Men's Heavyweight Championship and Northern Regional Championship.

Mark's career as a bodybuilder not only won him many titles but also sponsorship deals and front page coverage in the industries biggest magazines. This was a great foundation for what was to come... Gladiators!


Although Rhino no longer competes, he continues to train hard and follows a strict diet all year round. Mark now has a varied training and is faster and leaner that before. Running the London Marathon in 2006 he also enjoys amateur boxing.

He had his first live fight at London's Hammersmith Palais on the 11th December 2003 where he fought undefeated heavy weight boxer Andy 'Pitbull' Hunter, in front of a packed audience and a huge celebrity attendance including past professional fighters. Rhino's second fight was a celebrity fight for the 'Fight Club' organisation, where he took to the ring at London's Earls Court, against English and British Lions rugby player, John Bentley who he was knocked out in the 3rd round.

On 4th June 2005, Rhino took to the ring for his most publicised fight to date, with £9.7 million Lotto winner Michael Carroll. The nation and the UK press got behind Rhino for this one, and Carroll was certainly taught some manners in the ring - once again Rhino was undefeated! The charity re-match took place at the Manchester Evening News Arena in September 2005 and this time Rhino knocked him out in the 2nd Round.

Mark's enthusiasm for boxing is not only in the ring but out as well! He enjoys going to live fights and has meet and chat many of the worlds greatest boxers.


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